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Exploring HHC Vapes

As the research surrounding the hemp plant expands and we understand more about individual cannabinoids, more products appear on store shelves across the nation. Minor cannabinoids may be found in smaller quantities than CBD and THC cannabinoids, but the products created from them are gaining in popularity every day. Consumers can find everything from edibles, topicals, and more, but one product has been creating a buzz with consumers nationwide.

This cannabinoid is known as HHC, a minor cannabinoid growing in popularity over the past several years. HHC has been the focus of not only consumer interest but also to both the medical and scientific communities as well.

Vape cartridges made with cannabinoids derived from hemp are one of the fastest growing niches in the industry. The easy consumption and convenience to go wherever your journey may take you appeals to a wide audience.

What is HHC?

HHC is a minor cannabinoid found within the hemp plant. Unlike CBD and THC, it is found in much smaller quantities. According to the Observer, “HHC… is a compound that is known to be the most stable version of THC because of its resistance to heat and UV radiation. It also has a substantially longer shelf-life than THC. Unlike THC-O, HHC is, in fact, naturally occurring.”

For more in-depth information about HHC, please read our article here.

Cartridge Vs. Disposable Vape

While both cartridges and disposable vapes are similar, they both have their own unique benefits. Cartridges are ideal for those who prefer to use a rechargeable battery. Often more inexpensive than disposable vapes, cartridges can be made not only from fresh frozen biomass but cured biomass as well. 

The extraction process used to create cartridges allows for cannabinoid isolation, and since the end product is concentrated, it creates a more affordable product for consumers when compared to products such as tinctures.

If recharging a battery or keeping spare batteries around just in case is not your cup of tea, then disposable vapes may the best option for your needs. Like cartridges, disposables can be made out of both fresh frozen and cured biomass. While disposable vapes may come in smaller sizes, they are popular with those who like to be on the move.

At the end of the day, both cartridges and disposable vapes are very similar. However, their differences give consumers a wider range of options to choose from. Are you on team cartridge or team disposable vape?